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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

And, this is from a country at peace with Israel....

Just what does peace mean???
An Egyptian attorney on Tuesday won a lawsuit calling for the implementation of an old law stripping the citizenship from Egyptians married to Israelis, and from their children. It is not clear, however, if the ruling will be actually implemented.

The case underlines the deep animosity many Egyptians still hold toward Israelis, despite a peace treaty signed between the two countries 30 years ago.

The court's decision also scores a point for Egyptian hard-liners who have long resisted any improvement in ties with Israel since the signing of the 1979 peace treaty.

Lawyer Nabih el-Wahsh, who petitioned the court to implement a law pre-dating the treaty, said the ruling was a "triumph of Egyptian patriotism."

El-Wahsh had demanded the court force the Interior Ministry, which deals with citizenship documents, to implement the 1976 article of the citizenship law revoking the citizenship of Egyptians married Israelis who have served in the army or embrace Zionism as an ideology.

The court said the measures would avert potential damage to the country's national security, the state news agency reported, but it was unclear how the ruling could be enforced or how many Egyptians it would apply to.

El-Wahsh claimed there are about 30,000 Egyptians married to Israelis - whether Israeli Jews, Israeli Arabs or Palestinians with Israeli passports - with possibly tens of thousands of children by now.


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