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Thursday, May 07, 2009

More progress by Iran in making a nuclear weapon....

They keep making progress and nobody does anything about it...
Congressional investigators say some foreign intelligence analysts believe U.S. intelligence is underestimating Iran's progress toward designing a nuclear warhead before Tehran halted its program in 2003.

The foreign analysts believe that Iran ended its work because it had made sufficient progress, not because of international pressure, as the 2007 U.S. national intelligence assessment concluded.

The report by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee did not identify its sources, referring only to "intelligence analysts and nuclear experts working for foreign governments." It says some research was conducted in Israel, which has been publicly critical of the 2007 U.S. assessment.

The foreign analysts believe "intelligence indicates Iran had produced a suitable design, manufactured some components and conducted enough successful explosives tests to put the project on the shelf until it manufactured the fissile material required for several weapons," the report says.

The report also provides new details on Iran's nuclear program and its attempts to thwart U.N. inspectors. Citing an unidentified official at the U.N. International Atomic Energy Agency, it says that Iran reneged at the last minute on an agreement last summer to allow inspectors to visit suspected nuclear workshops.

"Unclassified U.S. intelligence assessments and staff interviews with government officials and diplomats in Washington and foreign countries leave little doubt that Iran has the technological and industrial capacity to eventually develop an atomic bomb," the report concludes.

The report examines material provided to the IAEA by U.S. intelligence from a laptop computer that reportedly was smuggled out of Iran. In 2005, U.S. intelligence assessed that information as indicating that Tehran had been working on details of nuclear weapons, including missile trajectories and ideal altitudes for exploding warheads.

The material on the laptop also included videos of what intelligence officials believe were secret nuclear laboratories in Iran.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fred, if you keep scooping the rest the of the Blogging Tories like this I will probably have to put you on my favourites list. And I would really hate to do that because I'm one of those nasty soc-cons who refuses to pull his knuckles up off the ground & join P.L.O.B.E.P (Prentice's League Of Beautiful Enlightened People). (*gag*)

;D You have a great blog.

Seriously, aside from that.\ I think this makes sense. The Iranians have shelved their bomb mechanisms to wait for the fissionable material. (Which they may already have from N. Korea (as per your post about that alleged shipment).

They pursued this course in order to prevent a pre-emptive air strike from Isreal. Once they have the bomb they can simply inform the world that any attack on Iran will result in a nuclear attack on Isreal or the oilfields.

Once this announcement is made, other weaker Arab nations will uder extreme pressure to adopt policies that Ira approves of (in the cold war we called it "Finlandization").

2011 - Shit - Fan. Any questions?

2:00 PM  

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