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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Political correctness at the New York Times....

The Times finds it hard to talk about muslim terrorists...
Last week's arrest of four men in the Bronx, New York on charges of plotting to bomb two synagogues and shoot down a military aircraft with a missile has revived an ongoing debate about the connection between Islam and terrorism and the twin pitfalls of religious bigotry and willfully blind political correctness.

The New York Times has been assailed by conservative critics such as Dallas Morning News columnist and blogger Rod Dreher for downplaying a troubling aspect of the case: all the suspects are Muslims. (They had converted to Islam while in prison for drug offenses, theft and other crimes.) The first Times report on May 20 mentioned this fact only in passing - despite a statement by New York Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly's at a press conference that the four had talked frankly about wanting to "commit jihad."

The next day, the Times ran a story on the secret FBI recordings in which the men discussed their hatred of Jews and their intent to kill U.S. soldiers in retaliation for killings of "Muslim brothers and sisters in Muslim countries." The article's lead paragraph focused on the men's criminal backgrounds; not until the fourth paragraph was there a reference to their jihadist motivation (they shouted "Allah Akbar!" as they brought their newly acquired stash of weapons to their warehouse).

In a particularly odd passage, the article noted that "law enforcement officials initially said the four men were Muslims, but their religious backgrounds remained uncertain Thursday" and that three had previously identified as Christian in prison records. This, despite ample evidence in the same article that the plot, set in motion with the help of an FBI informant, was motivated by Islamic fanaticism.

By contrast, the opening line of the New York Post story on the arrests referred to "four homegrown Muslim terrorists on a mission from hell" - inflammatory, to be sure, but arguably far more accurate.

Is the suspects' religion relevant? Given that they were driven by religion-based extremism and hate, common sense certainly suggests that it is.


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BIG HOMO lobby of Canada upset over Jewish accusation that it continues with NAZI traditions boycotts Tel Aviv's queer film festival, allegedly to protest Israel's actions in Palestine.
Canadian filmmaker boycotts Tel Aviv's queer film fest
MIDDLE EAST / John Greyson pulls his doc from the festival to protest Israel's actions in Palestine.....

More trouble in Paradise: Canadian Jews woke up to the fact that BIG HOMO lobby of Canada continues with NAZI traditions.

As soon as super-masculine, super- aggressive faggots seized control of LGBT movement in Toronto they moved to remake the gay image in Canada. By the way side went the image of feminine gay boys with feminine voices to be replaced with images of super - sized masculinity. Yesterday's victims, turned into today's Crown prosecutors, policeman, jail guards and harsh judges.

Raging faggot Justice Harvey Brownstone published his new book where he set ground rules for all Canadian mothers and fathers that show up in front of him in North York Family Court. Another raging faggot George Smitherman throws his weight around at Queen's Park as he is terrorising Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty. (Dalton in his own words states that as soon as he enters Queens Park he uses one of his hands to cover his rectum to prevent raging faggot George from sodomising him and uses his other hand to cover his balls to prevent crazed feminist MPPs from castrating him).

Toronto Diary: Toronto's gay blog on
Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Hatred Never Ends
The Jewish/Queer minority-on-minority 'hate'-fest continues, and launches to absurd new heights, with "Toronto lawyer and gay rights advocate Martin Gladstone" claiming that Toronto Pride has "very eerie parallels to Nazi Germany." Maybe Gladstone's impression of Nazi Germany was formed entirely by Tom of Finland drawings. Guys, can we not just team up against the obvious bigots in society, instead of tearing ourselves apart?....

Pride parade ‘mircocosm of anti-Semitism happening globally’
Written by Atara Beck
Tuesday, 26 May 2009
TORONTO – “Anti-Israel advocacy has no relevance to Pride’s LGBT [Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transsexual and Transgender] human rights mandate,” asserted Toronto lawyer and gay rights advocate Martin Gladstone.
The annual gay-pride parade, scheduled this year for June 28, has grown into the largest tourist event in Toronto, now attracting more than a million people a year. Stretching over 23 blocks, it receives $300,000 from the Ontario ministry of tourism, about $145,000 from the City of Toronto and $35,000 from Heritage Canada, as well as significant funding from corporate sponsorships.

Nevertheless, “in the last couple of years, I’m just horrified that in the middle of this party and celebration, there is this anti-Israel political advocacy going on,” Gladstone said, adding that this year some people have decided not to participate because they are nervous about their security.

“It’s supposed to be a celebration of diversity, inclusion and tolerance.” he said. “But it’s a microcosm of the antisemitism that’s happening globally.

“It’s a very uncomfortable environment because it vilifies Jews by extension. It has very eerie parallels to Nazi Germany. I don’t consider myself an activist, but I just can’t be silent anymore.”

Gladstone told the Jewish Tribune that he first met with the pride committee to address his concerns in April 2008, before last year’s parade.

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