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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Was Jesus a Muslim???

Gee, I thought he was Jewish!
RELIGIOUS tensions were raised in the centre of Wood Green at the weekend as Islamic activists set about trying to convince shoppers that "Jesus was a Muslim".

Police stepped in to calm the situation as bystanders were confronted with up to 70 activists aiming to give them a taste of a Britain under Shari'ah Islamic law.

The activists, who have held similar "roadshows" in south, east and west London, set up outside fashion chain H&M in Wood Green High Road on Saturday afternoon, but tensions were soon strained.

One onlooker said: "They unfurled this huge banner proclaiming that Jesus was a Muslim, which understandably raised some people's heckles.

"These people were slagging off Britain and trying to convert people to Islam. They were quite confrontational.

"The police moved in twice while I was there. They didn't take people away but they stepped in to calm them down."

A website publicising the roadshow, originally scheduled for July 4, said Wood Green had been chosen because of the "perpetual malaise" the community suffered - crime, fuel poverty and a high rate of mental health problems.

The activists intended to show how Shari'ah law would combat "gang crime, poverty and promiscuity" in the borough.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

And here lies the parodox for Muslims.

The Jesus in the Quran had made a Prophecy ( not like Muhammed who is called a Prophet but never made a prophecy) that after his death a day will come when a "False-Prophet" will try to fool the masses as a messenger from God.
This False-Prophet will repeat past messages from God and try to make the fools think they are new Words from God to confirm he is a real Prophet.
Jesus also warned that this Prophet will promise Peace and God's love for all people, but this Prophet will only bring pain and suffering and Wars upon Wars to Brother's .

Sound familiar , any religion you know of today that still promotes slaughtered the bad believers in that faith , or calls for the outrights extermination of all Christians and Jews?

Hmmmmmmm.......lets see,after 9/11/01 there have been over 13'000 more acts of Terrorism to slaughter Civilians , but most of the Vicitims were Muslims so we can't look for a scapegoat to blame Christians and Jews.
The actual Murderers claimed to be Muslims themselves but we all know that islam was Hijacked by these Misunderstanders of a Peaceful faith that respects all Humans,even females,gays,Unions,Children,jews,
Hindus,Bhudists,Feminists and all others.

So lets see, who was Jesus warning us about who professed peace but has only brought wars,death,and pain to the poor ?


I'll get back to you, I haven't connected the dots yet.

8:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Last time I went to England (2008) I couldn't tell which country I was until my wife and I were treated badly for being white. At 70 not much we could do.
It may sound grouchy, but I do think folks in England have no room to complain. They gave up the ship they sail in on a voluntary basis.
If you can't stand up for your own country???

9:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mel, I certainly agree with your second paragraph. Unfortunately it is also a prophetic vision of the Canadian nation of the future.

10:08 PM  
Blogger Mutton Chops said...

I heard that Mohammad was a Jew?

10:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I read that Jesus was Jewish

11:13 PM  
Anonymous Philanthropist said...

The Islamic Republik of Britain.

6:22 AM  
Blogger dupmar said...


The sarcasm of some of your commenters aside, there are peaceful and moderate expressions of the Islamic faith.

On the Tatar republic in Russia, nominally, Islamic, Wikipedia notes:

"In the 19th century Tatarstan became a center of Jadidism, an Islamic sect that preached a tolerance to other religions. Under the influence of local Jadidist theologians, the Tatars were renowned for their friendly relations with other peoples of the Russian Empire."

I imagine that history simply allowed them the opportunity to work out their differences with their neighbours.

And it was not so long back that Catholics and Protestants were engaged in terror and mutual slaughter in Northern Ireland.

I actually see it as a positive that Muslims, much like Jehovah Witnesses, are seeking to proselytize in England. It may allow them to moderate their views on the one hand, behave more like the Tatars, and may buy some peace. You generally do not seek to indiscriminately slaughter those you seek to convert.

Let them compete in the marketplace of ideas.

6:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Why do let this Liberano mole dupmar spread his "Religion of Peace" propaganda on your Blog??
Tatars were peaceful and tolerant people my ass.

Mongol and Tatar states in Europe
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Mongol invasion of Europe from the east took place over the course of three centuries, from the Middle Ages to the early modern period.

The terms Tatars or Tartars are applied to nomadic Turkic peoples who, themselves, were conquered by Mongols and incorporated to their horde. They were mainly composed of Kipchaks.

Mongol-Tatar Golden Horde forces led by Batu Khan, (a grandson of Gengis Khan), began attacking Europe in 1223, starting with Cumans, Volga Bulgaria and Kievan Rus'. They destroyed many Rus' cities including Kiev,[1] Vladimir and Moscow on the process, sparing Novgorod and Pskov however. They would continue to their march towards the "Great Sea" (Atlantic Ocean) where further conquest is not possible. They defeat German, Polish, and Hungarian armies before turning back to go home; upon learning the death of Ögedei Khan (third son of Gengis Khan, uncle of Batu Khan), in 1241 which saved the rest of Europe from promised catastrophe.

1223: Battle of Kalka River was fought. Mongol attack to Volga Bulgaria has failed
1236: Volga Bulgaria and Cumans were conquered, making Russians next target
1237: Ryazan was devastated
1238: Vladimir and Moscow were devastated, Battle of the Sit River is fought shortly after
1238-1239: Rostov, Uglich, Yaroslavl, Kostroma, Kashin, Ksnyatin, Gorodets, Galich, Pereslavl-Zalessky, Yuriev-Polsky, Dmitrov, Volokolamsk, Tver and Torzhok were devastated. In the west, Chernigov and Pereyaslav were sacked.
1240: Destruction of Kiev
1241: Battle of Legnica and Battle of Mohi were fought, respectively. Devastation of Poland and Hungary following Mongol victories. Death of Ögedei Khan; Retreating of Mongol-Tatar army. Devastation of Bulgaria in the return.
1259: First Mongol raid against Lithuania and second raid against Poland.
1265: Raid against Thrace.
1271, 1274, 1282 and 1285: Raids against Bulgaria.
1275: Second raid against Lithuania.
1285: Second raid against Hungary.
1287: Third raid against Poland.
The Tatars succeeded in establishing control over Rus' principalities. It included both pillages and bloody massacres in Russian cities.

1252: Horde of Nevruy devastated Pereyaslavl-Zalessky and Suzdal.
1273: Tatar twice attacked Novgorod territory, devastated Vologda and Bezhiza.
1274: Tatars devastated Smolensk
1275: Tatar invasion of south-eastern Russia, pillage of Kursk.
1278: Tatars pillaged Ryazan principality.
1281: The horde of Kovdygay and Alchiday destroyed Murom and Pereslavl, ruined vicinities of Suzdal, Rostov, Vladimir, Yuriev-Polskiy, Tver, Torzhok.
1282: Tatars attacked on Vladimir and Pereslavl.
1283: Tatars ruined Vorgolsk, Rylsk and Lipetsk principality, occupied Kursk and Vorgol.
1285: The Tatar commander Eltoray, the son of Temir, pillaged Ryazan and Murom.
1293: The Tatar commander Dyuden came to Russia and devastated 14 towns, including Murom, Moscow, Kolomna, Vladimir, Suzdal, Yuriev, Pereslavl, Mozhaisk, Volok, Dmitrov, Uglitch. In the same summer Tatar tsarevitch Takhtamir looted Tver' principality and captived slaves in Vladimir principality......

9:00 AM  
Blogger dupmar said...

Very good critique, examples given from the Middle Ages. And what were Christians doing during the same period throughout Europe and the known world.

Religious wars continued right up through to the modern age.

Any recent examples in the history I have referred to, say in the past 100 years, to disprove the contention that those of Islamic faith such as the Tatars have not been peaceful, accomodating, good neighbours and citizens.

If there is an agenda at work, I have not dissimulated mine, have indicated my views reflect those of a Progressive Conservative background going back to the days of Clark and Mulroney. As for a possible hidden agenda, you would have to seek that out assessing the views of assorted anonymous contributors.

2:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

dupmar. the clowm boldly marches into the trap;

Waffen-SS im Einsatz
Hitler's Soviet Muslim Legions

During World War II, hundreds of thousands of foreign peoples joined with Hitler's legions to bring theirs people into special status in Hitler's New Order. Tens of thousands among them were Muslims, where the majority of them came from Soviet Union. Under the banner of the crescent and the swastika, these Soviet Muslims believe to become holy warriors to liberated theirs land. But the end of this unholy alliance was a disaster for them.

The Pro-Nazi Soviet Muslims

When the German Army invaded Soviet Russia on June 22, 1941 they saw many of their opponent inhabitants welcomed them as liberators. One of the group of Soviet citizens that felt had reason to rejoiced the coming of the Teutonic legion invaders were Soviet Muslims.

Many of Soviet Muslims hates domination of Russians upon them. They still remembered theirs golden age under the Muslim khans, emirs, and sultans before they fall into Russian Czardom between 17th and 19th centuries. Actually, when the Czardom liquidated during Bolshevik Revolution, the Muslim Soviet got a chances to liberated themselves from theirs Russian masters and formed some independent states with help from theirs Turkish brothers and her German allied. Even for a while they thought to build a Greater Turkey Sultanate like Pan-Turanian longing.

In Caucasus, an all-Islam army, composed of Azeris, Ajars, and other Caucasian Muslims, assist the Turkish army under Nuri Pasha, who was known for his Pan-Turanian ideas. They besieged many non-Muslims towns in Caucasus that refused surrender to them and starved it into submissions. Some of them implicated with the massacres of Armenians.

The same thing developed in Central Asia. In Kokand, a free government of Turkestan was proclaimed, while the emirs of Khiva and Bukhara asserted their independence. The Turkish-Tartar peoples in Crimea and Volga also arise against the Russians.

Unfortunately, after succeeded consolidated their power in Russia, the Bolshevist penetrated these areas. One by one centers of Muslim resistance to communism fell. The attempt to free these Muslim areas from Russian rule had failed, and the Soviet government succeeded in reestablishing its authority over the whole Caucasus and Turkestan. But the native peoples rejected this Russian-Communist authority. Some of them rise against the Moscow rule when the communist forced collectivized farms and atheistic attitudes upon them. One of the uprisings erupted in Chechnya, where the Cechens under an ex-communist named Hasan Israilov rise against the Soviet regime.

The unrest of these Muslim peoples didn't escape from Hitler intention. When many of Muslim Soviet POWs enthusiastic wished to join with the victorious Wehrmacht against theirs ruler, theirs aspirations get a green light from the German dictator. On December, 1941 a top secret memorandum ordered that the OKW was to create two Muslim units: the Turkestanisch Legion, consisted Muslim volunteers from Central Asia, like Turkomans, Uzbeks, Kazakhs, Kirghizs, Karakalpaks, and Tadjiks; and Kaukasisch-Mohammedan Legion from Caucasian Muslims volunteers, like Azeris, Daghestans, Chechens, Ingushes, and Lezghins. Beside a separated unit consisted Muslim Tartars, Wolgatatarische Legion, was formed in Poland on January 1942.

The German courting of the Soviet Muslims was part of Hitler's lunatic schemes for bringing Turkey into his side and for advancing to control the oil fields in Middle East and Baku. The Soviet Muslims fighting units were supposed to take part in bringing the whole Middle East into the German orbit. As Hitler said in December 1942, "I consider only the Muslims to be reliable...I see no danger in the establishment of purely Muslim units." As propaganda tools the Nazis attempt to revive and encourage Pan-Turanian tendency in Turkey and within Soviet Muslims population....

3:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Nazi's Muslim Project

When the German army marches into Caucasus, they bring with them theirs Muslim supporters to fire rebellions within Soviet Muslim peoples. That move made a great-worried within Soviet leadership. As Konstantin Oumansky, Soviet ambassador in Washington, said on one of the blackest days of the Black Summer of 1942:

"I must said that I am a little worried about the Caucasus...The Tartars in the Crimea are, to a large extent, disloyal... they never liked us. It is well known that during the Crimean War they gladly 'collaborated', as we'd now say, with the English and the French. And, above all, there are religious factors, which the Germans have not failed to exploit. Nor do I trust the mountain peoples of the Caucasus. Like the Crimean Tartars, they are Muslims, and they still remember the Russian conquest of the Caucasus which ended not so very long ago - 1863."

The Soviet authorities were, indeed, rather worried about the Caucasus Muslim nationalists there. The uneasiness extended, to some extent, also to certain Muslim nations of Central Asia, particularly the Uzbeks, among whom Muslim traditions were still strong.

Muslim people in North Caucasus greet their's Nazi 'liberators'

The German did make contact with some of the Muslim nationalities in the Northern Caucasus. Toward the predominantly Muslim mountaineers of the Northern Caucasus - the Chechens, Ingushi, Karachai, and Balkarians - the German army adopted a 'liberal' policy. Promises were made for the abolition of the kolkhozes; mosques were to be reopened; requisitioned goods were to be paid for; and the confidence of the people was to be won by 'model conduct', especially in respect of women. Beside the local national committees got permission to be formed to help Germany Army in organize administration and law and order.

In Karachai region a 'Karachai National Committee' was set up under an anti-Soviet named Kaki Baieramukov. The high point of German-Karachai collaboration was the celebration of Bairam, the Muslim holiday, in Kislovodsk in October 1942. During the celebration, German high officials were presented with precious gifts by the local committee. Then the German announced the formation of a Karachai volunteer squadron of horsemen to fight with the German Army.....

3:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nazi Muslim Legions at War

Although Hitler's ambitious plan for Soviet Muslims political role failed after the Stalingrad debacle, he still had tens of thousands of them to assist him militarily. The most numerous of the Soviet Muslims that served the Germans were the Turkestanis. First Turkestanis volunteers were integrated as one battalion of the 444.Sicherungs Division in November 1941 and became auxiliary to help the Germans to fight the partisan.

According Hitler's secret order on December 1941, a formation named Turkestanisch Legion was formed to command the Turkestanis volunteers. But it must be explained that name of a 'legion' in German's Eastern Legions was not synonym with a tactical formation. In fact, it only a training center where national units. mostly battalions, were organized and trained. During the war, 70,000 Turkestanis volunteers served within the German forces: 40,000 soldiers and 30.000 military workers. In 1943, the Turkestanis had 15 battalions and one year later grew-up to 26 battalions. Those battalions mainly were integrated as independent battalions within German divisions.

But there was also a full division of the Turkestanis volunteers: the 162.Turkestanisch Infanterie Division. Composed of Germans, Turkomans, and Azeris, the division commanded by General Oskar von Niedermayer, a self-stylish German's Lawrence of Arabia and a former military attaché in Persia. The division trained at Kruszyna in Poland and was transferred to Yugoslavia to fought Tito's partisan. Then they were moved to Italy in 1943, where at a moment fought an American-Japanese regiment. According its commander, it was as good as a normal German division.

Crimean Tartar was not only gladly collaborating with the Germans, but was also supplying the Wehrmacht with 20,000 soldiers. These descendants of Mongols especially infamous during anti-partisan operations. In July-August 1943, Yalta mayor V.I. Maltzev formed a Tartars punitive battalion in Yevpatoria. Known as 'Khimi', the battalion fought the partisan in Yaila Mountains, where they burned several partisan bases and killed many civilians.

Impressed with theirs action, the Germans later transferred the battalion to northwestern France to fought the French maquis. Once again, their atrocious behaviors become well known so that feed fears to French civilians. An example of theirs cruelty occurred in Dortan in Ain on July 21, 1944 where the Tartars soldiers punished the village because its hospitality to the Maquis. According the reports of eyewitnesses, they raped women that fall into theirs hand collectively, burned the village, and laugh wild while playing in the front of the flames with children bicycles.

The Germans tried hard to court these Muslim volunteers. One of Nazi officials gave a report about the perfect condition of Turkestanisch Legion camp. The commander of the legion himself has learned the Turkestan language, and the Turkestanis have accepted German military terms and have an anti-Bolshevist attitude. The legions of the Muslim Caucasians and Tartars have modeled on similar lines.

The Soviet Muslims performance in the front lines itself different in one front to others. On Western Front, many of them disappointed theirs German master: like many of theirs Eastern colleague, Soviet Muslim volunteers didn't show any eagerness to fight the Western Allied. In contrast, in Eastern Front they show the tenacious fighting qualities. As an example, three Turkic battalions had fought to the last man at Stalingrad. The other saw how a Turkic battalion that had broken out of a pocket near Kharkov, reentered it again just to recover the body of their beloved German commander.

But, whatever their performance, the existence the Soviet Muslims in the rank of the German army got attention of the second most powerful man in the Third Reich, Heinrich Himmler. The Reichsführer SS decided to recruited them into his private army, the Waffen-SS.

3:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Soviet Muslims in the Himmler's Black Legion

Reichsführer SS Heinrich Himmler was known as Islam most willing promoter and collaborator among the Nazi leadership. Himmler's hatred the 'soft' Christianity was equal for his liking for Islam, which he saw as a masculine, martial religion based on the SS qualities of blind obedience and readiness for self-sacrifice, untainted by compassion for one's enemies. His admiration for Islam made him ready to throw-out his racial 'Aryan pure' fantasies to receive more Muslim volunteers for his sinister legion.

When the mass of Soviet Muslims collaborators followed the retreating German armies to avoid the reprisals that awaited them from the Russians, Himmler would probably not have objected to procuring them for the Waffen SS. He had decided that it was only the Slav and the Jews in the Russian stock who were sub-humans. There was a superior element in the Russian nation which come from Asia and which had produced Attila, Jenghiz Khan, Tamerlane, Lenin, and Stalin. The Soviet Muslims themselves were suited with these criteria. Many of them came from Caucasus (just like Stalin origin) or descendants and relatives of the Mongols (like Tartar and Turkestan peoples).

Azerbaidjan SS platoon in Warsaw during the Uprising.

In November 1943, a certain Heer major name Andreas Meyer-Mader meet Himmler to offering his service to help raise and command a Turkic SS unit. Himmler approved the major plan and then transfers him into the ranks of the Waffen SS and promoted him to the rank of SS-Obersturmbannführer. On 14 December, another meeting was held in Berlin in present of the Grand Mufti of the Jerusalem, Hajj Amin el-Husseini. The Grand Mufti approved the plan to raise a Turkic-Muslim SS division and give his "spiritual leadership" to influence the Muslim volunteers.

Osttürkischen Waffen-Verbände der SS was formed on January 1944 as 1.Ostmuslemanische SS-Regiment. (Actually, the Reichsführer SS plans to expand it into a division, Muselmanischen SS-Division Neu-Turkestan, but the plan never realized.) This new formation formed form the Turkic units in the Heer that was disbanded, i.e., 450th, 480th, and I/94 Turkic battalions, plus some new recruits from German POW camps. The recruits not only Turkestanis, but also Azeris, Kirghiz, Uzbek, and Tadjiks volunteers. The unit was formed in Trawniki, Poland, before they were transferred to Belorussia for further training. SS-Obersturmbannführer Andreas Meyer-Mader was appointed as its first commander.

Unfortunately, this unit suffered from poor discipline and poor morale, especially after theirs beloved commander, Meyer-Mader, killed during a skirmish with partisans in Yuratishki, near Minsk, on March 28, 1944. The situation became worse when the replacement commander, SS-Hauptsturmführer Billig executes 78 unit members for insubordination. This incident made Himmler angry and Billig relieved.

On July 1944, the unit transferred back to Poland. When the SS tried to quell the Warsaw Uprising, the unit attached to the notoriously SS Dirlewanger Brigade, where they were participated in brutal actions that killed 200,000 Polish civilians.....

3:51 PM  
Blogger krulayar said...


The sigh of His arrival: A face in the sky video

For details:
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This is an exceptionally distinguished essence fitted all mankind.


2:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

jesus is definitely a muslim n he himself telling his followers that someday shal come the last prophet of this world,muhammad..n no doubt about it..

6:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Video update: english version

The sign of The Almighty's arrival: A face in the sky video

1:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

First of all, let me clarify something about the Caucasus and transcaucasians(like Chechen, Ingush, Georgian, etc): Yes they are muslim but they are NOT Turkic/Tatar!!! Futhermore, NOT all turkic peoples are muslim! Some of them are CHRISTIAN and many of them are Buddhist and Shamanist,like Yakuts and Tuvans for example. As for the Kipchaks, they where known to Europeans as Cumans and their arrival in Russia and Eastern Europe predated the coming of Islam into what is now Russia. In fact, the Cumans overwhelmingly converted to Orthodox Christianity and became known as COSSACKS! Their was a christian cuman on the throne of Romania who's name was Basarab I.
You right-wing boneheads are confusing religion with ethnicity, as usual.

2:46 PM  

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