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Friday, August 28, 2009

Guess what the BBC is teaching to the Palestinians???

They're training Palestinian journalists, and look at the title of the course!
BBC World Service Trust completed a two-week specialised training course in television news production for Ma'an Network with the participation of network stations Bethlehem TV, Al-Amal TV, and Qalqiliya TV on Thursday.

The course, aimed at improving reportage, camerawork and photo editing, came as part of a two-year "Support to the Palestinian Media Sector" project funded by the European Union and the Dutch government.

The training focused on news reporting and the production of news stories, with participants producing 10 reports by the time training was completed. The course was complemented by an online seminar entitled, "Introduction to Journalism, Accuracy, Impartiality and Fairness and Straight Dealing," which was accessed via the BBC’s iLearn training resource.
Yes, can you imagine? The BBC actually training the Palestinians on impartiality???


Anonymous DoorHold said...

Just how deep IS this rabbit-hole?

1:36 PM  

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