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Friday, August 28, 2009

Rock throwing at firemen in Sweden...

Of course, they don't speak about who is doing the rock-throwing.....but, I think we know, right?
Fire fighters in Gothenburg were attacked with stones on Thursday night as they rushed to tackle the latest in a series of fires with suspected connections to youth gangs that have raged across the city in the last week.

The rescue workers were met by stone-throwing youths shortly after midnight as they attempted to put out a fire in a newspaper storage box on Tamburingatan in the Västra Frölunda suburb.

There were no injuries as police quickly arrived at the scene and dispersed the group.

Earlier in the evening, firemen managed to contain a fire in a shed on Rubingatan, also in Västra Frölunda. The shed was destroyed and police classified the incident as arson, as there was a serious risk that the fire could have spread ot a larger adjacent building.

Later a moped was set alight in by the nearby Vattnedal school on Smaragdgatan, where a pre-school was ravaged by flames on Wednesday night.

Fire brigades were again in action later in the night following reports of two car fires on the island of Hisingen.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

having visited both Goteborg and Malmo, and enjoyed their wonderful ambience, I can only lament the idiots gathered in Stockholm to legislate such foolish immigration laws

11:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know!! I know!! It was the white Christians right? They are known for aggressive behavior and throwing rocks.....No wait ummm Muslims?

4:24 PM  

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