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Friday, October 23, 2009

Liberals pander to women, again!

A terrific column by Barbara Kay....
Starting with the new recommendations: Why do women wishing to start enterprises deserve government-backed credit more than men? Women are as well educated as men in this country, and since they make something like 70% of household purchases, are far better placed to tap into networks and targeted markets than men. Let them get their loans the usual way; if their idea is good, they'll get the loan. If it's bad, why fund hobbies?

As for the toll-free line for abuse, that's a swell idea; how about we make it gender-free? Memo to Women's Caucus: Men suffer abuse from women, nearly as much as the other way around, and there are virtually no resources in this country for even severely abused men. So why should a national toll-free line serve only one gender?

Literacy? This is a women's issue? How so?

As for a gender commissioner, if the Women's Caucus really wants to go there, they might start by recommending the abolition of equity programs in university. Enrolment in most programs is so female-skewed, an outsider might think men have fallen victim to some mysterious plague. And given the dropout rates of boys, one might call it a plague, because gender-wise the education system is sick. Boys are disadvantaged K-12, with teaching methods geared for girls and a very poor understanding of how boys learn best. Just this week Toronto proposed sweeping changes to education to make up for years of apathy toward the eroding performance gap.

Maybe this putative gender commissioner could ask why Ontario health units only screen for abuse in incoming female patients 12 and older, not male patients, even though male adolescents suffer nearly as much sexual abuse as girls.

And how about a thorough investigation of the family court system, where almost 90% of contested custody cases end up with sole custody going to mothers? How about support for equal parenting, a long-overdue gender-fair initiative that can't get traction because groups like the Liberal Women's Caucus aren't interested in gender fairness?.
But, read the whole opinion piece, please...


Anonymous Philanthropist said...

The poor little girls in the Liberal Party are victims of heteronormative patriarchal oppression. Or just a bunch of losers.

2:18 PM  
Blogger Me said...

Ahh, the politics of gender... a lot more complicated than what meagre space is afforded by the National Post. The Pink Papers are pandering to that huge demographic of +55 yr. old women who did get screwed over by all kinds of inequities in society. As a political strategy it's clever as it is targeting a demographic that votes in record numbers. Let's face it there is no such thing as a level playing field in the pursuit of life, liberty or happiness - if that were the case I would look like Angelina Jolie and would have been born into a wealthy family. The only equality that any of us can and should expect is how we are treated under the law. Are my rights safeguarded as vigorously as the next person?

Under past and present taxation regulations and filing requirements my work (and yes it was work)provided no tax breaks for me staying at home, raising my daughter and providing support to my husband that he needed to pursue his career in the Canadian military.

As a conservative I think what these Liberals are just infantalizing women and that's as demeaning as those jerks who used to grab my ass when I was slinging drinks to pay for university...

12:36 PM  

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