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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Should kids get muslim holidays off???

A Turkish leader in Germany wants all kids to get off for muslim holidays...
The leader of the Turkish Community in Germany (TGD) Kenan Kolat said Tuesday that non-Muslim schoolchildren should be allowed out of school for an important Islamic religious holiday.

“I think it would be good if one for one day, such as the Eid ul-Fitr following Ramadan, to let all of the kids off,” Kolat told daily Berliner Zeitung.

“It would be a sign of tolerance,” Kolat went on. “The Muslim children already have this day, also known as the Sugar Festival, off.”

Kolat said that such a gesture would be a sign that German society is engaging with its immigrant population.


Blogger austin said...

Not that horrible of an idea but where would it end?

10:42 AM  
Anonymous FredR said...

And in the spirit of tolerance, will Mr. Kolat sanction having Muslim children take a day off on Easter? Think of those kids searching for Easter eggs? A Jewish holiday?
After all, it would signal a willingness to engage with the German population.

11:22 AM  
Blogger kursk said...

Exactly Fred.You normalize the holiday for all kids, and Islam then has defacto equal status within the state at the highest level..

Good for Islam, bad for the rest of us...

9:36 PM  

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