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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Should women be allowed to wear pants???

Religious authorities always have to deal with tough questions...
An official decision to ban women from wearing jeans and pants in West Aceh is stirring uproar in the Indonesian province, amid accusations of violating women’s rights.

"The enforcement of the regulation is an accumulation of the negative views against women," Norma Susanti, Head of the woman and children's division at Aceh Human Rights NGO Coalition, told The Jakarta Post Saturday, October 31.

Officials in West Aceh have forbidden women from wearing jeans and tight pants as of January.

Under the decision, Shari`ah police, tasked with enforcing Islamic law, will shred any offensive clothing and ask women to change the outfit into government-issued skirts.

The West Aceh district has already ordered 7,000 skirts of various sizes.


Blogger Mac said...

Incredible... The UN presumes to judge us for not complying with their every wish and whim but is completely silent about this kind of situation.

Keep in mind Indonesia is the 4th most populous country in the world and one of the few reasonably functional Islamic states (86% of the population are Muslim) so if this kind of regulation grows, we're talking about millions of women being oppressed.

1:26 PM  
Anonymous Philanthropist said...

Feminists don't care about women being 'oppressed' if the women are Muslim, so why should anyone else?

Liberals don't care, 'Progressives' don't care, Environmentalists don't care, 'social justice' seekers don't care - none of these groups give a shit about women, gays, kids or minority groups if those groups are being oppressed by religious fundamentalists who are not Christian. Fascists.

2:30 PM  

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