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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Can't they just let NEDA R.I.P.???

Even in death, they can't leave Neda alone...
SUPPORTERS of Iran's regime have desecrated the grave of Neda Soltan, the student who became a symbol of the opposition after she was shot dead during an anti-goverment demonstration on June 20.

The incident was confirmed by Ms Soltan's fiance, Caspian Makan, who fled from Iran after being released on bail following 65 days in prison. A recording of Ms Soltan's mother weeping and cursing those responsible has been posted on the internet.

Mr Makan, 38, also disclosed that the regime tried to force him and Ms Soltan's parents to say that she was killed by the opposition, not by a government militiaman on a motorbike as witnesses have claimed. A documentary to be shown on BBC Two next week contains an unseen clip of demonstrators catching the militiaman seconds after the shooting.

Mr Makan, who is in hiding said: "The breaking of Neda's gravestone broke the hearts of millions of freedom-loving people around the world. The repressors, believing they can stifle the cries for freedom, have even attacked, beaten, threatened and insulted Neda's parents. This is while the Islamic Republic of Iran denies Neda's murder."

On the internet recording Hajar Rostami, Ms Soltan's mother, weeps over her daughter's grave and wails: "Woe on me! Where's my child's tombstone? ... My child has no gravestone ... You bastards! Why don't you leave my child alone?"


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