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Sunday, November 08, 2009

Climate change fears are overblown....

Well, environmentalists have a really horrible record at predictions...
Alarming predictions that climate change will lead to the extinction of hundreds of species may be exaggerated, according to Oxford scientists.

They say that many biodiversity forecasts have not taken into account the complexities of the landscape and frequently underestimate the ability of plants and animals to adapt to changes in their environment.

“The evidence of climate change-driven extinctions have really been overplayed,” said Professor Kathy Willis, a long-term ecologist at the University of Oxford and lead author of the article.

Professor Willis warned that alarmist reports were leading to ill-founded biodiversity policies in government and some major conservation groups. She said that climate change has become a “buzz word” that is taking priority while, in practice, changes in human use of land have a greater impact on the survival of species. “I’m certainly not a climate change denier, far from it, but we have to have sound policies for managing our ecosystems,” she said.


Blogger Hinchey's Store said...

...More of the truth comes out...

12:38 PM  
Anonymous Philanthropist said...

'Climate change' lies and fabrications....

1:03 PM  
Anonymous Clay Barham said...

2012 IN THE BAG!
Obama’s leftward march is assured in 2012, according to Hollywood. The Rousseau-Marx coalition believes the emotions of the populace will rule in 2012, more than it did in 2008. It cannot be left to chance, however. The movie 2012 will circulate for a couple of years, along with dire threts of climate change, perhaps supported by a few more big movie scares focused on why we need our new Messiah, Obama, and his ruling elite, reelected and in control in times of great need. If they can drive each of us into an emotion-driven herd of frightened animals, like those who stormed the Bastille or, out of irrational fear, hang those they do not understand, then they will have won. Their enemy is reason, plain and simple individual reason, what they claim is libertarian extremism, the Thomas Jefferson way. After all, individual freedom is what the left fears most and must defeat, with the help of Hollywood and media propagandists. Individual freedom is what made America stand above all nations in progress and prosperity. Obama can only win again if he can reduce Americans, for the most part, into a frightened herd, as he does with health care and climate change.

10:49 AM  

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