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Saturday, November 07, 2009

Fatah considers turning to stone-throwing....

Gee, they have some of the world's best strategic thinkers, no?
Following Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas' announcement that he would not run for another term, a senior Fatah official told Ynet that if serious progress was not made soon in peace talks, the organization would consider reverting to popular warfare.

The source said Saturday that more and more Fatah operatives were calling for a return to violent resistance.

"We are not talking about terror attacks and weapons, but we are talking about protests and (throwing) stones, like the anti-fence protests, and about strikes and protests by the people, so that the world understands that the next step will be unpleasant and we go back to the way things were before Oslo," he said.


Anonymous Jack said...

Saw this earlier. Apparently Abbas is receiving "heat" -- they want him to go.

Also, they want to elect in his place a man doing 5 life terms in an Israeli jail.

I just shake my head. I can't figure these people out.

4:55 PM  

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