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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Kick a Jew Day....

Not a joke....this really happened in Florida...
Ten middle school students in Naples, Florida have been suspended after taking part in what they termed "Kick a Jew Day" at their school, school district officials reported.

The one day in-school suspensions were served earlier this week.

The incident occurred a day before red-haired students were targeted at a California middle schoool in what was a Facebook group called "Kick a Ginger Day," which some say was inspired by the popular American animation series South Park.


Blogger KURSK said...

I could never understand why people would want to pick on the red haired of all people..don't they know it's the gingers that have the volatile temper that will make you wish you never picked on them?

12:57 AM  
Anonymous Jason said...

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Please let me know.


3:41 PM  

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