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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

More on Headley and Rana...

This should be getting a lot more attention in the west...
With the ongoing investigation gradually indicating that the US-based terror duo were part of the larger conspiracy behind 26/11 Mumbai attacks, India is planning to seek voice samples of their Pakistan-based Lashkar handlers to zero in on the identity of those who directed Ajmal Kasab and his gang members who savaged Mumbai.

India has in its possession voice samples -- derived from satellite and mobile phones -- of those who were passing instructions to the 26/11 attackers. It is seeking to match them with the voice recordings of those who were in touch with David Coleman Headley and Tahawwur Hussain Rana, goading the US-based Lashkar jihadis to target India. The two Lashkar leaders who asked Headley and Rana to turn their attention to India have been identified as Sajid Mir and Sheikh Abdul Rahman Saeed.

"Evidence is slowly getting established that Headley and Rana were part of the larger conspiracy behind Mumbai attacks. They were in touch with the same people who were giving directions to Kasab and other terrorists," a government source said.

India's effort is to ascertain whether Mir and Saeed were the same persons as those who exhorted the jihadis to massacre hundreds of innocents in Mumbai on 26/11. Mir and Saeed were arrested last month by Pakistan at the behest of US after the terror plot against India and Denmark was busted. Pakistan has, however, not shared any details of the arrest with India.

"We have the voice samples of Kasab and his Pakistani handlers. The FBI has the samples of all those with whom Rana and Headley had been talking. By comparing these samples, we can easily find out the common thread, whether it were they or others guiding the Mumbai attackers from Pakistan," the source said.

In a 26/11-related development, India on Tuesday gave Pakistan more information to back up its case for arrest of LeT chief Hafiz Mohammad Saeed. Pakistan had alleged that the information provided by India so far was not sufficient to arrest Saeed. This is the seventh dossier that India has given to Pakistan.


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