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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Saudia Arabia allows relatives of Palestinian terrorists to perform haj...

Here's where the Saudis could have done something positive and said NO to all relatives of terrorists...
Saudi Arabia permitted the parents and relatives of Palestinian martyrs to perform Hajj, according to Palestinian Minister of Islamic Affairs and Endowments Dr Mahmoud Al-Habbash on Wednesday.

Al-Habbash announced that Saudi Arabia will allow 2000 family members of Palestinian martyrs to perform Hajj, adding that 1,000 would be chosen from the West Bank and 1,000 from the Gaza Strip.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've been working on a Business that creates Universal-Designed products for the Global market, my website has a I.P. filter where I keep blocking out the fascist thugish regimes that the U.N. doesn't have the guts to stnad up to.
Saudi-Arabia and Palestine top my list along with Iran,Lybia,Jordan,Lebanon,Syria, and all those other 7th century nation that worship a Misogenynistic pedophile that raped a 9 year old girl before he died.
This hero of the Saudis rose from the grave and mounted a flying horse to accend to paradise with Allah and 72 virgins.

You want to import my products, Obey the Human Rights for all citizens or just drop dead you blood thirsty weasels lusting for martyrdome to get sex.

4:20 PM  

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