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Friday, November 13, 2009

This scout deserves to be spanked....

This is deeply disturbing, no?
Police have launched an investigation after witnesses claimed the boy, believed to be aged 15, repeatedly shouted ''kill the Jews'' at ex-servicemen in Romford, Essex.

The boy reportedly started his racist chanting as he stood in uniform among 30 other members of a local explorer scout group ahead of a march to the town's war memorial.

Jack Rose, of Romford and District Synagogue, claimed a senior police officer, Chief Inspector John Harlow, witnessed the incident.

He said: ''They all met at a central point in Romford before they went to the war memorial.

''Before they marched off, some sort of comment was made ... saying 'kill the Jews'.''

Mr Rose said the senior officer attended a reception at the synagogue later that day and took evidence from other witnesses.

He added: ''They were boy scouts who are supposed to be true to their cause.

''Somewhere along the line someone has been completely stupid or they really think these things.''

Scout county commissioner Dean Jefferys delivered a letter of apology to the synagogue.

He said he was ''shocked and appalled'' and said all scout members offered their ''most sincere and profound apologies''.


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