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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

2 noses and 2 ears for 2 noses and 2 ears....

Pakistani justice in action....
A PAKISTANI court has ordered two brothers should have their noses and ears cut off after they were found guilty of doing the same to a woman who refused to marry one of them.

The two brothers, Sher Mohammad and Amanat Ali, abducted their 22-year-old cousin, Fazeelat Bibi, at gunpoint in September after her father refused to let her marry Mohammad.

"They put a noose around her neck and tried to strangle her. After failing to do so, Sher Mohammad chopped of her nose and two ears with a knife," government prosecutor Ehtesham Qadir said.

The mother of the girl died of heart attack on seeing the condition of her daughter.

The judge at an anti-terrorism court in the eastern city of Lahore handed down the sentences on Monday in line with the Islamic law of Qisas.

The law was introduced in Pakistan during the military rule of General Mohammad Zia-ul-Haq in 1979. It stipulates punishment equal to the crime, akin to an eye-for-an-eye, unless the culprit is pardoned by the victim or the victim's family.

Such sentences are rarely handed down by Pakistani courts and have always been revoked on appeal.

The court also sentenced the pair to life in prison, Qadir said.

Three of their accomplices are on the run.


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