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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Global warming hits Edmonton....

Wow....-58 degrees wind chill....
Sunday marked the coldest Dec. 13 in Edmonton’s history.

Environment Canada recorded a frigid -46.1 C, or -58.4 C with wind chill, at the Edmonton International Airport at 5 a.m., Environment Canada meteorologist Pierre Lessard said.

The old record of -36.1 C was set last year, he said.

“To break a temperature by 10 degrees is very exceptional,” said Lessard.

A ridge of frigid Arctic air has hit all the prairie provinces this weekend, causing record-low temperatures in many parts of northern Alberta, Lessard said.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

My Gawd....that's the first sign of a serious Global-Warming trend.

Obesity is the first sign of Anyrexia
Sudden acromegalia growth is the first sign of Dwarfism
Excellent memory retention is a sign of Alsheimers desease

Wake-up people , we've got the save the children befor they develope the Bi-PolarBear disorder where a large bear population mean they are becoming extinct.

7:42 PM  

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