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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Hezbollah keeps trying to attack...

At leaste six, perhaps up to 12, attempted attacks on Israelis...
The series of attacks on Israeli targets in Turkey planned by Hezbollah, as reported in the Turkish media, which was foiled by Turkish security forces two months ago, is likely to have caused the tension between Israel and Hezbollah along the Lebanon border this past summer and fall.

Lebanese Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri told Syrian President Bashar Assad on Saturday that he sought to improve the relations between their countries to better defend Lebanon against Israel , the Syrian news agency Champress reported.

So far, there have been reports of at least six foiled attacks by the organization against Israeli targets overseas, as retaliation for the killing of senior Hezbollah leader Imad Mughniyeh in Damascus in February 2008, which the group attributes to Israel. It's possible that the actual number of attempts that have been prevented is at least twice that number - if not more.

Last week Haaretz reported an attempt by Hezbollah to attack Israelis in Turkey, as reported in the Turkish media. Deputy Foreign Minister Daniel Ayalon (Yisrael Beiteinu) even praised the cooperation between the two countries in the fight against terror during a meeting with Turkish journalists, and thanked the Turks for their help in preventing the attacks.

In October, the Turkish media reported that police headquarters had briefed police officers in a number of cities to be on the alert for Hezbollah attempts to attack American and Israeli targets in Turkey. Iranian agents, posing as tourists, were thought to be assisting these potential the attacks.

Hezbollah's planned attacks, as reported in the Turkish media, were extremely ambitious and organized well in advance, reportedly with the help of Syrian and Iranian intelligence. It is suspected that they planned to attack a series of targets connected to Israel and possibly also the Turkish Jewish community - all at the same time.


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