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Sunday, January 03, 2010

Crisis: Not enough anti-Zionist holocaust survivors to go around.....

This is a huge crisis amongst the anti-Israel groups...
There is a tried-and-true Jewish method in Europe to garner instant media coverage and awards of recognition: Scream the trendy anti-Israeli slogans equating theJewish state with Nazi Germany and the former apartheid regime in South Africa, while highlighting one's background as a Holocaust survivor.

According to seasoned media observers in Germany, the formula of Shoah survivor coupled with anti-Israeli activism helps to explain the public relations coup of Hedy Epstein, an anti-Zionist 85-year-old German Jew who fled the Nazis in 1939, and is now promoting her hunger strike in Egypt to advance the so-called "Free Gaza Movement."

Epstein declared her hunger strike on Monday, as part of a campaign involving 1,400 activists from 42 countries in Egypt hoping to enter Gaza, in a bid to compel Israel to end its restrictions on the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip. She has attracted widespread press coverage in Europe.

Prompting the activists, many of whom are from organizations affiliated with Hamas, to march into Gaza, is the one-year anniversary of the start of Operation Cast Lead to stop Hamas rocket attacks on Israel's southern periphery.

The European laws of supply and demand (similar ones apply on many American college campuses) show an endless demand for Jewish senior citizens willing to invoke anti-Israeli language that meets the definitions of contemporary anti-Semitism. According to a Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs report, Epstein had "compared Israel to a Nazi state and Israeli soldiers to Nazis" during a lecture at the University of California at Santa Cruz.

Writing this past week from Beirut, the liberal Huffington Post site reported that Epstein said, "The issue for Israeli Jews and the AmericanJewish community is the Holocaust, and everything is due to the Holocaust. But Israel is not being persecuted now. Israel is the persecutor."

The US State Department and the European Union both define parallels between Nazi Germany and Israel as a form of modern anti-Semitism.

To circumvent the unsavory Nazi-equals-Israel comparison, pro-Palestinian and anti-Israeli groups in Europe frequently outsource the new anti-Semitism to a minuscule group of anti-Zionist Jews who seek to strip Israel's legitimacy as a nation. A Holocaust survivor as spokesperson helps to insulate the "Free Gaza Movement" from charges of anti-Semitism. The problem, however, for the anti-Zionist market is more a question of supply than demand.

The fringe group of anti-Zionist Jews who fled the Hitler movement or survived the extermination camps are passing out of existence because of their age. Withinthe European Union , anti-Zionist Holocaust survivors hold enormous media and political currency. Telling examples are the 85-year-old Hajo Meyer, who argues that "the earliest cause for anti-Semitism is situated in Jewry," and equates IDF checkpoints with Nazi actions.

German President Horst Köhler last year awarded his country's most important award, the Federal Cross of Merit, to 80-year-old hard-core anti-Zionist attorney Felicia Langer, a dual German-Israeli citizen who is widely sought as a lecturer in Germany and Austria because of her Israel-equals-apartheid views.

German critics argue that anti-Zionist Jews such as Epstein, Langer and Meyer have cornered the European media and speaking-tour markets because they sanitize guilt in countries which are plagued by their complicity during the Holocaust. Epstein contributes, according to the social-psychology of post-Holocaust anti-Semitism, to depicting Israelis as the new Nazis and Palestinians as the new European Jews.

The cottage industry of anti-Zionist Jews pushing, wittingly or unwittingly, a modern anti-Semitic agenda serves to cleanse the guilt pangs of a non-Jewish audience and turn Israel's democracy into a pariah state.


Anonymous LawyerInPoland said...

is this your own text or is it copied from some medium?

A prominent socialist Jew, the last surviving leader of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising died this year in Łódź, Poland. He was a prominent critic of the policies of Israel. However not many people heard of him, because Zionists are much louder.

I wonder why some people bash anti-Zionists. Zionism is Jewish nationalism. What is good about it?

I wonder why some people insist on taking parts in this conflict, instread of trying to solve it.

Although the peace seems just as likely as a peace in a hypotetical situation when powerful Indians have founded a new state in downtown Ottawa and pushed all Canadians to Nova Scotia.

8:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's very easy comparing Israel with nazi Germany and South Africa considering that they actually do employ nazi-like tactics (laws a la neuremberg that for example prohibit marriages between Jews and non-Jews, that exclude Arabs from certain jobs etc), house evacuations to make room for Jews, expansionistic policies etc, the list is very long) and has created an apartheid- like regime (including Jew-only roads) and a racist mentality among the Israeli people that considers Arabs almost in a non-human fashion. Maybe if they wouldn't employ nazi like tactics in order to create an apartheid-like regime they wouldn't be critized for it. Not that any of this matters. People like you will later say you didn't know that this was happening or that it was this bad. While people like me have been telling people like you over and over again.

12:55 PM  

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