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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Is Hezbollah planning war???

The UN is powerless to stop the smuggling of weapons by Hezbollah...worse, the UN says nothing about it...
The U.S. is concerned that the continued flow of arms to the Hezbollah militant organization could prompt a war between Israel and Lebanon, State Department official Jeff Feltman said in remarks published Sunday by the London-based Al-Hayat daily.

Feltman, who serves as Assistant Secretary of U.S. State Department's Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs, told the daily that the U.S. had no evidence of any Israeli plan to attack its northern neighbor.

Nevertheless, Feltman said he was growing increasingly worried by reports describing the quantity and types of weapons being smuggled to the terrorist organization in clear violation of United Nations Resolution 1701, which put an end to the 2006 war.

The UN resolution clearly demanded a weapons-free south Lebanon, said Feltman, but the world had yet to see that put into play


Blogger nissa_amas_katoj said...

Isn't Hezbollah pretty much always planning war? I mean, I kind of get the impression that they think killing Israelis is their job.

But we all gotta keep alert as to what's going on in that part of the world since the news media doesn't consider it as big a priority as Tiger Woods' love life.

nissa from Inglourious Ranterz

8:28 PM  

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