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Friday, January 29, 2010

Is this the future of recycling????

Here's a case study from Australia....
WESTERN Sydney residents are being ordered to freeze their garbage for two weeks and store meat and vegetable scraps in "slop buckets" in homes.

But the council which imposed the squalid conditions on residents is having its rubbish collected twice a week from the council chambers.

Residents outraged at Penrith Council's change from weekly to fortnightly collections have been told they can fix the stench, rat and maggot infestations by filling their fridges and freezers with garbage until collection day.

The council is now also threatening that if wrong items are placed in organic and recycling bins three times then people's bins will be left in the gutter uncollected.

Angela Jackson's cat Kulsi has been killing up to three rats a week since the garbage policy was introduced.


Anonymous Erwin Gerrits said...

If I was ever *ordered* to put my garbage in my freezer, I would find very interesting ways to get rid of it. Suffice it to say, it would NOT be in my freezer, nor anywhere on my property. It would probably end up in the vicinity of the people doing the *ordering*.

11:41 AM  

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