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Friday, January 01, 2010

Israel's right to build in Jerusalem...


Blogger Frank of America said...

Israel has taken the right based on sheer force of arms - no rights exist under international law to transfer the conquering population to an occupied territory. This is part of the myth that has since been exposed by Benny Morris and Illan Pappe among others. The Israel lobby is very good at painting little Israel as the underdog in the equation... "five Arab armies invaded." The Arab armies were half-hearted, rag tag and far outnumbered by the Israelis. The only army worth its salt was the Jordanian army and the King of Jordan was bought off with promises to keep the West Bank and East Jerusalem as part of Jordan. It didn't fight until some Israeli brigades tried to muscle in on the West Bank. The history is there. AIPAC etc. are frantically trying to maintain the fiction we all grew up with so effectively created in novels and films like "Exodus" by Leon Uris. The real history is coming out. Its only a matter of time before the American people wake up and realize they've been duped into spending billions to prop up a rogue regime that consistently denies people basic human rights and commits war crimes against innocent civilians.

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