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Friday, January 15, 2010

Multiculturalism at its worst at Berkeley...

This decision will only hurt students....
Berkeley High School (BHS) might drop its science labs from its curriculum.

The reason? Too many white kids — or not enough non-white kids, depending on your perspective — were taking these classes. According to an article in the East Bay Express, whacking the labs is intended to address BHS’s “dismal racial achievement gap.” The decision to make this change by the School Governance Council was “virtually unanimous.”

BHS science teachers were said to be “horrified” by the proposal. One pleaded, vainly, that the labs had a good share of non-whites: “17.5 percent African American and 13.9 percent Latino.”

This breakdown of students proves the lamentable “gap” spoken of by Berkeley commandants isn’t in enrollment, but in grades. The white kids are doing better in excess of what is acceptable — or the non-white kids are doing worse, depending on your perspective — such that the heart-warming state of equality is absent.

If equality of outcome with respect to grades is BHS’s goal, then eliminating the lab courses does ensure that all students will be equally poor in science. And when the administrators bring their report cards home, the paperwork will show an increase in “equality.”


Blogger Joe said...

So for the sake of an ideology of sameness, they want to deliberately create mediocraty.... To quote the oft quoted man of letters C. Brown, "Good grief!"

11:41 AM  

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