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Monday, February 15, 2010

Does support of Israel lead to anti-semitism...

Hmmmm...I guess there would be no anti-semitism if the Canadian government abandoned Israel, right???
Senior opposition members in Ottawa are claiming that the Harper government’s support of Israel may lead to anti-Semitic acts. Ynet reported that the members of the Liberal party are accusing Prime Minister Stephen Harper of being one-sided and understanding the situation in the Middle East in terms of “black and white”.

Anita Neville, Liberal MP for Winnipeg South Centre who is also considered an Israel supporter, said in an interview to the Globe and Mail: “I appreciate the support of the Jewish community, unequivocally I appreciate the support of Israel. But by making it frequently into a black-and white-issue, they're setting it up as a wedge. And they're also setting it up so that people who have been long-time strong supporters of Israel are questioning issues like the de-funding of Kairos. And it's creating a backlash.”

The Globe and Mail reported that Neville brought up the issue during an unofficial inquiry into anti-Semitism. She told Immigration Minister Jason Kenney that some of the Harper government’s decisions could lead to what she called “an anti-Semitic response”. Kenney responded that the Harper government would not hesitate to act against groups who inflame hate, such as KAIROS who tried to organize a boycott against Israel. He told the Canadian Parliamentary Coalition to Combat Antisemitism: “All I get is praise for Canada's efforts to deal with these sometimes difficult issues, and not to sweep them under the carpet.”

Neville was not convinced by Kenney’s remarks and said that she believes that people will think that since KAIROS does a good job in Canada, they would point an accusing finger at the Jewish community because of the government’s decision to stop funding for KAIROS.
But, it was the correct decision to de-fund Kairos...


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