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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Now Magazine: Ezra Levant and Jason Kenney the cause of anti-semitism....

Now Magazine of Toronto - the only magazine that has a mandatory anti-Israel article in every issue, gets to the bottom of anti-semitism...
Enter Levant. The former Reformer and Canadian Alliance disciple has been flogging that canard pretty hard ever since the Standard, his news and views mag (now online only) republished the infamous Muhammad cartoons in 2006. Talk about stirring an anti-Jewish backlash.

The ramblings of the immigration minister Jason Kenney himself have provided cover for white supremacists. Has there been an immigration minister who has been so anti-immigration? Not exactly an advocate of the melting pot, to say nothing of the government’s neglect of Canadian detainees in foreign countries who happen to have brown skin.

Kenney’s called the claims of refugees to this country “bogus.” And once flipped, “I plead guilty, I’m a racist.” That was last October when the minister was cornered by protestors from No One Is Illegal at McGill. The group was pressing the case of a Mexican woman who was denied refugee status twice and then found dead in Mexico. His reaction speaks to a frightening mindset.
Where does one start with such tripe??? It's clear that this author has never met Jason Kenney or Ezra Levant. I have...and I can attest that Kenney is a very principled man who doesn't have a racist bone in his body. Levant is one of my heroes for his principled stand on free speech.

But to Now Magazine, Levant and Kenney are the villains. And, they are playing sort of mis-direction game - look at the anti-zionists while the Nazi go free.

The plain fact of the matter is that there are parts of the left that have a lot to answer for. Their incessant demonization of Israel have poisoned the atmosphere at our Universities. And, in their rush to vilify Israel (and their hatred of the West), they have sometimes embraced Islamists - people who, in a hearbeat, would betray the values these leftists hold so dear...


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Now magazine???

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