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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Palestinians go ballistic...

Now, they are threatening religious war...
The Palestinian president warned Tuesday that the region could plunge into a "religious war" over Israel's plans to recognize a disputed West Bank shrine as one of its own national heritage sites.

Mahmoud Abbas spoke during a visit in Belgium, following an announcement by the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu about the Cave of Patriarchs in Hebron earlier this week.

The Hebron site is holy to both Jews and Muslims. Jews revere it as the traditional burial place of the Bible's Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Muslims also see Abraham as their forefather, and control of the shrine is a flashpoint between Palestinians and Israelis.

Palestinians in Hebron rioted Monday to protest the Israeli decision, and tension there continued Tuesday.

After Abbas spoke, Nir Hefetz, a spokesman for Netanyahu, denounced the criticism of the Israeli move. "This is a hypocritical campaign of lies," Hefetz said in a statement, insisting that Israel is "dedicated to the freedom of worship of the members of all religions at all the holy sites."
Jewish historical sites have never been well-treated by the Palestinians or the Arabs - just witness the destruction of synagogues in the Old City of Jerusalem. But, Israel has always respected Muslim holy sites. This action by the Israeli government is needed and necessary...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here we go again with Militant Muslims trying to rewrite history.
Most of that area in the Middle east was populated with Christians longe before Muhammed was even born,and Jews occupied that area for millenia prior to Christians.
Hamas wants the World to fall for their tripe that Muslims always owned Palestine and surrounding areas.

5:42 PM  

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