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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Toronto is a hub of Israel delegitimization....

This is a huge threat to Israel....
Israel is facing a global campaign of delegitimization, according to a report by the Reut Institute, made available to the cabinet on Thursday. The Tel Aviv-based security and socioeconomic think tank called on ministers to treat the matter as a strategic threat.

The report cites anti-Israel demonstrations on campuses, protests when Israeli athletes compete abroad, moves in Europe to boycott Israeli products, and threats of arrest warrants for Israeli leaders visiting London.

Reut says the campaign is the work of a worldwide network of private individuals and organizations. They have no hierarchy or overall commander, but work together based on a joint ideology - portraying Israel as a pariah state and denying its right to exist.

Reut lists the network's major hubs ¬ London, Brussels, Madrid, Toronto, San Francisco and the University of California, Berkeley. The network's activists ? "delegitimizers" the report dubs them - are relatively marginal: young people, anarchists, migrants and radical political activists. Although they are not many, they raise their profile using public campaigns and media coverage, the report says.

The "delegitimizers" cooperate with organizations engaging in legitimate criticism of Israel's policy in the territories such as Amnesty and Human Rights Watch, blurring the line between legitimate censure and delegitimization. They also promote pro-Palestinian activities in Europe as "trendy," the report says.

The network's activists are not mostly Palestinian, Arab or Muslim. Many of them are European and North American left-wing activists. The Western left has changed its approach to Israel and now sees it as an occupation state, the report says. To those left-wing groups, if in the 1960s Israel was seen as a model for an egalitarian, socialist society, today it epitomizes Western evil.

The delegitimization network sees the fight against the former regime in South Africa as a success model. It believes that like the apartheid regime, the Zionist-Israeli model can be toppled and a one-state model can be established.
A lot of this originated from the Soviet Union and it's vicious campaign against Jews and Zionism.


Blogger MIkhael said...

If you read the comments pages in the Globe and Star, you will see that this campaign has succeeded very well.

In truth, I am sad to say that I don't think Israel will exist as an independent Jewish state within the next 20 years. Whether due to nuclear attack, or due to demographic disintegration from within, I can't see it surviving.

What's sad to see is how significant the contribution of Jews has been to the process - both in Israel and outside of it.

6:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ah, rubbish! The Jews are nearly 5000 years old and they have survived the worst of empires. This tiny, non-missionary/non-imperialist people have survived the Romans, Europeans, Arabs, Soviets and Nazis.

Being an Atheist who was raised Anglican, I don’t know much about the Jews being the chosen people but they definitely are the original anti-imperialists.

I wouldn’t be too gleeful at the prospects of the destruction of Israel, as its destruction would spell bad news for other nation states, and herald in an age of Islamic imperialism.

7:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jews, as a religion and culture, will survive. Probably.

But will Israel, the nation? Not so sure.

8:51 PM  
Anonymous Philanthropist said...

Narrow-minded 'progressive' left-leaning social justice types are exactly like fascists. Who won WWII?

4:38 AM  

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