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Sunday, March 21, 2010

City of Kassel in Germany bans display of Israeli flag....

Well, it might upset people...
The city of Kassel in the German state of Hesse has issued a ban on the display of an Israeli flag at an information stand planned on Saturday by the group Alliance Against Anti-Semitism (AAAS).

According to a report Friday on the Web site of German news outlet Nordhessische, local authorities justified the prohibition at the event to combat anti-Semitism because the “Israeli flag could disturb pedestrians” and they could feel “threatened” by the expression of the flag of the Jewish state.

The singling out of the Jewish state was made evident in the Nordhessische news report because Kassel permitted activists supporting the pro-democracy movement in the Islamic Republic to display Iranian flags over the past months but Israel’s flag has a persona non grata status.

“How can it be that an agency, which is responsible for public order, views the public order as endangered by displaying an Israeli flag?” AAAS spokesman Jonas Dörge asked, according to Nordhessische.


Anonymous Philanthropist said...

The fascists are winning in Germany, again. Jews should leave and Canada should take them in this time.

3:45 PM  

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