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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Syria is giving advanced weapons to Hezbollah...

The US is totally blind to this...
Syria is crossing previous red lines in supplying Hezbollah with weapons, handing over arms that it never before dared transfer to the Lebanese terror group, the head of the IDF's research division of Military Intelligence says.

"Syria is handing over to Hezbollah components that it would not dare hand over before," Yossi Baidatz told the Knesset Defense and Foreign Affairs Committee Tuesday.

Addressing the Hezbollah threat, the senior IDF official said the group was facing a dilemma between its Jihadist identity and commitment to Iran on the one hand and Lebanon's domestic arena on the other hand.

"For that reason, although it has maintained the quiet and is uninterested in a clash, it attempts to carry out a revenge attack for Mugniyah's death, especially against Israeli targets abroad," Baidatz said. "Simultaneously, it continues to build up its strength for a confrontation against Israel, deploys its members broadly throughout south Lebanon but also deeper, and accumulates advanced weapons – long-range missiles, anti-aircraft missiles, and anti-tank missiles, with Iran's and Syria's assistance."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gee?.....what Syrian born male sunni muslim with a canadian passport and a Palestinian wife had denied any link to terrorism while he also had close ties to CAIR which has now been found guilty of funding Terrorism by Hamas/Hezbollah ?..hmmmm, oh's the same guy who got $10'400'000.00 of OUR tax dollars to avoid a $400 million dollar lawsuit case that could have dragged out for a decade and costs canada 10 times the Settlement.
I don't want to name this Syrian citizen,but the NDP had his wife run for them in Ottawa in a anti-USA/Israel riding while they were Suing us tax payers.
How shocking that a anti-Abortion/Gay Palestinian Muslim got to run for the NDP as a MP and yet the NDP loves to bash Harper as a Homophobe and Pro-Life.
CAIR-canada is now tied to the USA CAIR that was foound guilty for funneling charity donation to Islamic org.'s that used it for funding terrorism by Hamas and Hezballah.

A lie is only good until the truth comes out, maybe now we can Sue these weasels for tax Fraud to get a tax-free $10.4 million with a bogus claim of torture outside of canada that started at $400 million and ended with $10.4 mill.

5:29 PM  

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