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Friday, April 09, 2010

Palestinian missile hits....Palestinians....

Oops..we missed...
According to the report, four, and not five civilians were injured on Wednesday when a misfired projectile hit Beit Hanoun homes in the Gaza Strip.

A father and two children, were among the injured, the document said, when at approximately 8:10pm a home-made projectile fell on the Ghassan Kanafani Development Institution in the Al Amal neighborhood, northeast of Beit Hanoun.

The organization identified the injured as:

Mohammed Monzir Al-Amawi,16, shrapnel in the legs and left hand
Emad Mohammed Sabir Abu Oda,38, shrapnel in the thigh and the groin
Mahmoud Hussein Nasir,57, shrapnel in the left hand
Nasim Mahmoud Nasir,27, shrapnel in the abdomen

Further, the report said, two homes were partially damaged in the incident. One of the houses is home to 56 civilians, and belongs to Mahmoud Hussein Nasir. The second building is home to 20 civilians, and belongs to Izzat Abdel Karem Ekhtawat, the Al-Mezan report said.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Of course all the jihadist sympathizers will blame Israel for this incident. You see, if Israel would just roll over and die there would be no need for the terrorists to launch missiles at them.

I also wonder how confident the other nations in the region will feel about Iran launching a nuclear tipped missile at Israel. Oops, sorry Lebanon and Saudi Arabia, we just miscalculated the trajectory.

11:38 AM  

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