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Friday, April 16, 2010

Reclaiming Pride...


Anonymous Gordon MacDonald said...

Good Video. Your pride parade should be about YOUR pride.

Sadly it is being appropriated by people (Islamic zealots) who would just as soon string you up as look at you.

12:51 AM  
Blogger Guest4096 said...

Apparantly everything is legitimate in destroying the Jewish homeland.
Its something they can take pride in.

5:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

fuck the jews
u ignorant fag loving, cock suck, inebriated douchebags

1/4th of the worlds population is muslim...what you see on tv does not constitute 2 billion people u fucking idiots

go suck on some hairy balls u retarted ignorant bastards

don cherry loving, horribly dressed, rejected europeans

the only reason ur fagot asses are here is because there werent enough potatoes in ireland to support ur fat slobbish idiotic alcoholic behaviour and so u were forced on a ship like dogs to colonize this country

this country is a my land, a muslims land, as much as it is ur jewish land, or ur piece of shit relgion's land aka christianity

christ can suck my balls and then choke on my dick
hes never coming back for ur fagot asses thats for sure...
he was a nigger too
just to give u the heads up

dont cry now u bitches
the white majority in this country is slowly passing by, every major city in this country will be taken over, and every industry will be run by us colored folk
and the jews will prolly own

ur christian white ugly pussies will be the cotton farmers out in butfuck ontario


8:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

..i love how the lawyer dude is like "it can only be attributed to "anti-semitism"

and how the bitch talked about the swastika - comparing israel to nazi germany "its hurtful to the community to do a comparison"

she was about to cry
that skank
she should be grouped in with ur fagot friends

u guys should have a sheizer and celebrate german idiocracy together

since it didnt occur to u dum penis lovers that so many people... many gay people - a marginalized community - for centuries - very similar in terms of persecution of the jews...
as i was addressing...the gays are constantly harassed and targeted by numerous groups and on the one day they can show spirit and pride and prance and touch cocks in public....and hapilly run around like ferries......
this one day, 1/ fuckin day - the other 364 u cant do this shit.... u guys chose too prance around for something different...and wow was it a mighty croud, what a united voice
u guys are united

really very well united community
- very impressive stand up and strongly advocate the view that there is an apartheid regime in this world... in palestine - u guys are speaking out against ur persecuted conterparts....AGAINST THEM!!!!!

it almost seemed like ignatieff and rae were cropped in - but thats not the point

on what grounds could so many people believe such a nonsensical thing? something based on fiction, or through hearsay?

is it a lie u dumm fucking mongoloid bitches?

the skank is like "noone knows why people have anti-semetic views - its from the parents, and the people around them... and some bullshit bullshit"

so ur blind asses dont see that the gay lesbo klan that you are apart of - who were killed with the jew in nazi germany as well - are in fact advocating AGAINST the jews u died with....and are standing up against violations of human rights.. and what isrealis are doing to the palestinian people

is there a lie u see being constantly portrayed on the news?
bbc? cnn? ctv? global? fox?
are all of these stations telling us that an apartheid is occuring in israel?
take some notes - what did they tell u about israel - in the last week....
are there any other additonal media outlets u know about that perpetuates such anger from gay people?
is there gay radio? gay sex talk? gey news? gay tv? is there 3d gay tv? (oh that doesnt exist, 3d tv, psh, thats a lie...its like the rings on the treee that tell us global warming is a sham)

final quetion u should ask...
did these people in the parage receive a revelation from the homosexual god named fat-fuckin-muslim-cock? bc if they did, i wanna meet him...i want U!mr gayand right to find that guy for me....

the moral of the lesson today is!

U GUYS ARE THE DUMMEST QUEERS TO WALK THE FACE OF THIS PLANNET WHO SHOULD BE HIT BY A CAR - preferably by harpers wife - the graphic designer douchebag skank

are u guys that fucking dum? do u guys smoke too much weed? does the cock get u guys high? is there someting im missing here?


HOLY SHIT! i mean, jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesus christ! loooooooordddd have mercy!
marrrrry marrrrrry had a little lam!
i mean - look its a SHEPPAHD!

u guys are a fucking twits


ps. i appologize for the earlier msg, almost didnt make sense.... it was early - came across ur blog found it extremely intriguing and wrote too quickly

peace fagots

hope u guys are having an orgy tonight
and someone accidentally poos while doing the gay sex


3:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

3:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This supposed pride is manufactured. Its not your pride you are showcasing a slogan created by one flaming individual. Anyone can show a limited amount of footage to stake their claim. In your case, you choose to repeat the same images and video clips over and over again in hopes to strengthen your argument. And by saying that their cause violates the terms of the gay pride charter implies that gays marching must behave in a particular way when marching. Did the courts also determine which way gays can march along with the colours that they can showcase on their floats? Your arguments are weak, almost as weak as your cause. You dont have a cause, you are manufacturing a cause out of video clips. Who are you to deem their plight as violating terms and conditions? Why did the organizers not take action against these individuals? Or are you just sticking to the points that glorify your cause?
You make gays everywhere want to return back into the closet. Your right wing attitude along with your weakly preached arguments serve to glorify dumb individuals such as Sarah Palin. Israel is not innocent in all this, look at the evolution of Isreals territory over the past century, thats evidence in and of itself. You are a flagrant idiot and I hope your dumbfounded blog gets shut down!

9:37 PM  

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