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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

What sanctions on Iran????

Are tough sanctions coming???
The United States’ notions of U.N. sanctions on Iran have devolved over the past months from crippling ones to ones that bite to the currently described smart ones, which although packaged with the words tough and strong might not be hard-nosed enough to cost the mullahs a half-hour’s lost sleep.

Is this a descending spiral of resolve fated to result in sanctions that pinch, nip or tweak?


Blogger dmorris said...

How does the U.S. expect China to back sanctions,when they have recently signed a 12 year agreement to buy oil from Iran?

China needs oil, and is NOT about to sanction the fine folks who supply it to them for the next decade and then some.

This nuclear conference is beginning to resemble the Copenhagen Climate Circus, where lots of verbiage was spewed, and not much was accomplished.

Obama should just declare Iran off the U.S.'s Ramadan card list, and that should be sufficient to convey their disapproval.

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