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Sunday, May 02, 2010

Is North Korea supplying nukes to Iran???

Interesting comments from Shimon Peres...
Syria is delivering accurate long range Scud missiles to Hizbullah and other terrorist organizations, President Shimon Peres told Danish Foreign Minister Lene Espersen on Sunday.

Peres, who previously accused Syria of speaking with a forked tongue when it claims to be interested in peace with Israel, said that Israel is closely following the transfer from North Korea to Iran of nuclear armaments and Scud missiles which are then forwarded from Iran to Syria and Lebanon.

Syria can no longer conceal its support for terrorism, said Peres, who characterized North Korea as "a kind of duty-free store" for nuclear armaments and long range missiles which contribute to world terror.

He regretted that North Korea had become a direct supplier to Iran, noting that the consequences of such action could lead to further killings of innocent people.

Peres made it clear that Israel knows without a shadow of a doubt that Syria is the conduit for dangerous weaponry.


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