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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Swedish cartoonist home is petrol-bombed...

He's in a very dangerous profession - he was personally attacked last week and now this....
The home of Lars Vilks, the Swedish artist who's drawings depicting the Islamic prophet Muhammad as a dog, led to death threats and an alleged assassination plot, has been set on fire in an arson attack. Police say the 64 year old was not at home at the time. The fire, started by petrol bombs thrown threw the window, destroyed windows and curtains. It comes just days after Vilks himself was physically attacked on May 11th while giving a lecture about free speech at Uppsala University. A day later his own website was hacked into.

"The damage is rather minor, part of the front is blackened and some windows were broken," Scanie district police spokeswoman Sofie Österheim told AFP. "The fire went out by itself."

The artist himself was not at home on Friday evening.

"This is something I have to live with now," Vilks told his local newspaper Helsingborg Dagbladet.


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