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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Anti-semitism in the Netherlands...

This is pretty horrible stuff...
In the former De Baarsjes district in Amsterdam-West, in the year 2010, there's a hidden synagogue: Sjoel West (West Synagogue). Every week on the Sabbath, 25-30 Jews come to the services, but the majority of the Jews don't want the synagogue to be noticeable as a synagogue, for fear of problems, discrimination and the cursing of Moroccan-Dutch street riffraff in the neighborhood. In the past Jews who wore a kippah were sometimes pelted with stones. In the building where the synagogue is located there's no Star of David or name on the front, and the synagogue has a secret address. When the bell rings, the door isn't opened just like that, and two Jews will always check who's standing by the door. Besides the shamash (sexton), Erwin Brugmans, all the Jews who come to Sjoel West cover their kippah with a hat. They don't want to be recognized as Jews.
A TV station send a video camera following 3 Jewish people around and filmed the taunts and insults..Here's a short clip...


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