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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Canada's role in Afghanistan post-2011 - the debate has started....

We cannot abandon the Afghan people....there is much to be done. The Special Committe on the Canadian Mission in Afghanistan has issued its report, and recommends:
The Committee urges Parliament to consider carefully the progress made recently in the Canadian approach to our mission in Afghanistan. We therefore recommend that the Parliament and government of Canada enter into an intensive and constructive discussion as soon as possible about Canada's work in Afghanistan and the region for the post July 2011 period. In particular, the Committee recommends that the focus of this discussion should continue to be on how to strengthen the ability of the Afghan government to provide basic services to its people: security, rule of law, health, social services and education. The end of the combat mission in Canada in 2011 should by no means be seen as the end of the engagement by Canada and Canadians. We have come too far, and sacrificed too much to abandon the people of Afghanistan. A final decision on this question should be reached before the end of 2010.
The Canada-Afghanistan Solidarity Committee has played a big role in ensuring that Afghanistan remain on the radar. We owe a huge debt of gratitude for the hard work that Terry Glavin has put into this. Thanks, Terry!


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