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Sunday, June 13, 2010

DFAIT Bureaucrats rush to judgement....

Get a load of their headline:

Canada Concerned by Israel’s Decision to Set up Independent Public Commission Concerning Flotilla Incident

And, now look at the text:
The Honourable Lawrence Cannon, Minister of Foreign Affairs, today issued the following statement which will be mandated to examine events related to the Gaza flotilla incident:

“We welcome the Israeli Government’s decision to set up an independent public commission which will investigate what exactly occurred on board the flotilla headed for Gaza a few weeks ago.

“Canada fully supports an impartial, credible, and transparent investigation into the tragic incident.

“Canada joins others in calling on Israel and the Palestinian Authority to return quickly to negotiations toward a comprehensive and lasting peace in the region.

“Canada fully understands and sympathizes with Israel’s legitimate security concerns in the face of terrorism against its people.

“While we fully support the importance of delivering humanitarian aid to the people of Gaza, we also fully support Israel’s right to inspect ships to ensure military material and armaments do not reach the hands of Hamas terrorists.

“Retired Canadian Forces Brigadier General Ken Watkin will be a part of the panel leading the investigation.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

After spending Millions on the Arar inquiry it became very clear that we were victims of Lawfare terrorism to demand $400'000'000.00 and then settle for $10.4 .
I say this because i found the old video where CAIR admits supporting the Arar's. CAIR is now tied to Hamas and Terorism funding.
Arar wife is Palestinian and Pro-Hamas,she and Alexa McDonough are listed as at a Ottawa rally to support Hamas .
That's the CAIR video from 2007.

And here is Arar's wife at the Ottawa Pro-hamas rally in the guise of Freedom Fighters.

Please, no more Inquiries,they make lawyers rich and help the Jihadist raise money in canada.
Arar dropped his Lawsuit against the USA once we gave him the $10.4 mill, but now Dr.Sheema khan from CAIR is on a TVO video pushing here Book as if she had nothing to do with Hamas or the Crusade with Dr.Elmasry to get Shariah Law in canada.
Dr.Elsmary was supported by CAIR even after he declared every Israeli ober 18 as a valid target for murder by Palestinians.

So Maher now hides with our money,Ms.Khan prentends to be against Shariah,Arar's Pro-hamas wife writes a book and is a hero,CAIR is now linked to Terrorism funding while Nihad Awad tells the CTV host of their Ties to the Arar's.

This is how we fight Jihad, hand the fascists money to shut them up?

11:51 PM  

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