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Wednesday, June 02, 2010

How stupid can British Airways get???

They must have idiots in their marketing department..
After a monumental screw up for airline British Airways they have been left feeling quite embarrassed after using a boarding pass issued to terrorist Osama Bin Laden to promote their latest ticketing service

The suspect boarding pass included a frequent flyer number for Bin Laden indicating the British Airways was the carrier of choice for Bin Laden, to rub further salt in the wound the ticket was also for first class issued to seat number 7C.

The boarding pass ticket is for a Northwest Airlines flight to Washington DC, taking Bin Laden pretty close to the Pentagon, part of which was devastated by a plane hijacked by Al Qaeda terrorists on September 11 2001.

The memorable marketing piece depicts a smiling check-in member greeting a happy passenger while another holds the trendy iPhone up to the camera, displaying the boarding pass. The image was displayed on the ‘front page’ of LHR News, a internal staff magazine covering Heathrow Airport.

Trying to wiggle out of the monumental screw up, the airline are trying to use a staff member as a escape goat, sighting the fact that after the last round of strikes, a disgruntled employee may have doctored the image.


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