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Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Marci McDonald gets it wrong again...

She claims that David Frum called her anti-semitic. Her's an excerpt of her article in the Ottawa Citizen today.
Not that Levant has been my only critic. David Frum, the star of a recent Parliament Hill reception thrown by his sister, Linda Frum Sokolowski, whom Harper appointed to the Senate last year, dismissed my entire book as an attack on Israel and therefore anti-Semitic. It is a curious conclusion considering that only one of my 12 chapters is devoted to exploring the political and spiritual influences that helped shape Harper's shift to a pronounced pro-Israel stance in the Middle East.

That policy shift was once again being questioned in the wake of Israel's deadly raid on an international flotilla attempting to deliver aid to the blockaded Gaza Strip. But, as Frum demonstrates, it's difficult to start a debate on one of the most significant changes in Canadian foreign policy without being smeared as an anti-Semite.
But, if you go back to David Frum's article in the National Post, you'll find that he never makes the charge.
It especially enrages McDonald that “opponents of [the Harper government’s] pro-Israel policy are routinely branded as anti-Semites” (pp. 358-359). But if this branding occurs (and McDonald offers no instances or examples), it certainly has not deterred those opponents, very much including McDonald herself. She endorses the allegation that Israel committed war crimes in Lebanon and Gaza in 2006 and 2009. She disdainfully dismisses the idea that an Iranian nuclear weapon presents any threat worth worrying about. She suggests on page 321 that the government pays too much attention to anti-Jewish hate crimes and on page 304 that human rights tribunals are biased in favour of Jews.

To deploy the accusation through the sort of speculation that is a McDonald speciality: It’s hard to avoid the suspicion that McDonald’s real grievance against the Harper government is not that it is too pro-Christian, but that it is insufficiently anti-Jewish.
Marci McDonald is a wack job who does not deserve to be taken seriously.


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