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Tuesday, June 01, 2010

NGO responses to the Flotilla....

Not surprisingly, very's an overview from NGO Monitor...
* The following 15 “civil society” and “human rights groups” responses examined by NGO Monitor ignore video evidence of violent activists attacking Israeli soldiers with knives and clubs. In this context, B’Tselem’s claim that “information [about extreme violence against soldiers] is based solely on statements of soldiers” is entirely misleading.

* A number of NGOs accuse Israel of “piracy” for intercepting the boats in the flotilla. Gaza is a source of attacks against Israelis. As noted by Prof. Robbie Sabel, Israel can enforce its blockade of Gaza, and ships in international waters are subject to inspection if attempting to violate the embargo.

* References to “human rights activists” obscure the role of radical Islamic Turkish group IHH, which has extensive ties to Hamas and other terror organizations, in leading the flotilla. NGO statements also omit the involvement of the International Solidarity Movement (ISM), a co-organizer of the flotilla and known for its strategy of provoking violent confrontations with the Israeli military.

* NGO statements erase the activists’ refusal to deliver the “humanitarian aid” via Israeli authorities and to bring letters to kidnapped soldier Gilad Shalit, or further campaign on his behalf.

* NGOs continue to make the false claim that Israel’s response in Gaza is “illegal” and “collective punishment.” As NGO Monitor’s analysis demonstrates, restrictions on the flow of goods in armed conflict is neither “collective punishment” nor a violation of international law.


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