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Tuesday, June 01, 2010

North Korea is exporting nuclear technology....

I wish the world would be as mad at North Korea as they are at Israel...
International efforts to avert a full-blown crisis on the Korean peninsula were given greater urgency today after a leaked UN report claimed that North Korea is defying UN sanctions and using front companies to export nuclear and missile technology to Iran, Syria and Burma.

The report, by a panel that monitors sanctions imposed after Pyongyang conducted nuclear weapons tests in 2006 and 2009, said the regime was using shell companies and overseas criminal networks to export the technology.


Blogger JimBobby said...

You might want to look a little closer to home. Last year, Canada opened up trade in nuclear technology with Kazakhstan. Shortly afterward, Kazakhstan and Iran increased their cooperation on the nuclear front.

There's very little that we as Canadians can do about North Korea but we can at least speak out when our own government increases the risk of proliferation. The big reason for Canada reaching out to questionable buyers for our nuclear technology relates to the fact that AECL is on the auction block and these trade relationships are seen to increase the value of the crown corporation. In other words, our government is putting dollars before nuclear safety and helping Iran acquire nuclear technology and materials.

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