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Monday, June 28, 2010

Prayer sellers thrive in Iran...

Hey, I have a few to sell, too...
In Islamic Iran where clerics rule, unofficial "prayer sellers", who promise to intercede with the divine to solve all manner of life's problems, are seeing their business boom.

Backstreet spiritual guides like YaAli are tolerated by the authorities and increasingly sought after by Iranians seeking help from on high.

"People from all walks of life -- mostly young women -- come here asking for prayers that can solve their problems," says YaAli sitting on a chair in a crumbly old alley in Tehran.

Stroking his white beard, YaAli -- a nickname he has been given by his customers -- explains how each prayer must be used in its own specific way.

"There are lots of methods depending on the problems. Some prayers (written on a piece of paper) should be burnt and some should be put in a bowl of water. You should follow the instructions."


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