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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A scary Rights & Democracy story...

This happened before the Zionists took over...
In late 2006, a former employee who had recently quit Rights and Democracy began hearing odd reports from friends and family. A man named Don McCleery was nosing around asking questions about her. She discovered that Mr. McCleery was a former RCMP officer who worked as a private investigator. As a Mountie, he had been instrumental in locating kidnapped British diplomat James Cross during the 1970 October crisis, but was chased from the force in 1973 following his involvement in dirty-tricks operations targeting the FLQ.

The employee’s departure from Rights and Democracy had been acrimonious, but she had never dreamed the organization would fly a Montreal private investigator out to B.C. to sniff around. She would later learn that the organization paid at least $6,000 plus expenses for the investigator’s work.

Interviewed recently, Mr. McCleery said Ms. Cloutier, his contact at Rights and Democracy, was concerned about conflict of interest. “It was somebody in there trying to set up their own [organization] to compete with them while they were still employed there,” he said. Rights and Democracy was so concerned about an ex-employee competing in the field of human-rights protection that it hired a private investigator. It also began legal action, filing for an injunction demanding the return of documents related to a translation project.

A letter from her lawyer, contained in the court file, described it as “a raw attempt by a government agency to quell a potential voice of dissent,” calling the hiring of Mr. McCleery “thug-like and abusive behavior.”

Mr. McCleery would not be the only former police officer to be called upon by Rights and Democracy management. Among recently leaked documents is an email exchange, from June and July 2009, between Mr. Beauregard and Gaétan Duchesneau, Montreal’s former police chief. The file of leaked emails calls him, “Beauregard’s policeman.”
You won't find any of this in the latest report from the Parliamentary Committee looking into Rights & Democracy...


Anonymous akoestler said...

When Broadbent and Allmand ran the place there were never any problems... It was a real workers' paradise --secret police investigations included. (;

5:45 PM  

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