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Saturday, June 05, 2010

Sweden to Boycott Israeli cargo...

Useful idiots...
Swedish dockworkers are set to launch a week-long boycott of Israeli ships and goods to protest Monday's takeover of a Gaza-destined aid flotilla, a union spokesman said Saturday.

Nine activists died after IDF troops intercepted the convoy. Nearly 700 activists had joined that operation, most of them aboard the lead boat from Turkey that was the scene of the violence.

Peter Annerback, a spokesman for the Swedish Port Workers Union which has around 1,500 members, said workers are urged to refuse handling of Israeli goods and ships during the June 15-24 boycott.

"If an Israeli ship would come we would just leave it be and not work on it," Annerback said of the measures.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Really? Will Sweden also stop its vessels from carrying the H & M products and many more TO Israel? I'm glad the Union plans on this, but what about the Swedish Government? They, not long ago, refused to divest their state employee retirement fund from Israel, for fear that divesting would hurt Israel...instead, retirement funds are appropriated into Israeli firms! Sweden is infiltrated with zionists, at many sick levels too. Don't try to pacify us with claims that Sweden is at the forefront of "Human rights!!!"

12:12 PM  

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