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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Why I am proud to call Terry Glavin a friend....

Terry finds an important column in the Vancouver Sun by Stephen Hume...
Claiming Jews control the media assumes Jews are more loyal to Israel or to the supposed secret priorities of Jews worldwide, than to the interests of their own countries. This assumption is included in the formal definition of anti-Semitism by the European Union's human rights agency.

- Other anti-Semitic flags: Denying the right of Jewish people to self-determination by claiming the existence of Israel is a racist endeavour; holding Jews collectively responsible for Israel's actions; delegitimizing the Israeli state; applying double standards to human rights abuses -- so Turkish abuses of ethnic Kurds are an internal matter of state security but Israeli abuses of Palestinians require international intervention while Palestinian abuses of Israelis are excused by the asymmetrical nature of the conflict.

Statistics Canada's numbers suggest what's behind this nasty rhetoric. And other research confirms anti-Semitic incidents here spike during a crisis in the Middle East.

What should trouble Canadians is that, although Jews represent only about one per cent of Canada's population, they were victims of more than 66 per cent of religion-motivated hate crimes in 2008. Not an enviable record, and one that should cause everyone tempted to vent about the Middle East to carefully consider the tone of their remarks.
Here's the link to the article by Stephen Hume. Please read the whole thing...


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