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Friday, July 16, 2010

The Al-Dura Hoax....

Good news...I am bringing Philippe Karsenty to Ottawa in November...
Here are the events: (1) A photographer stages a hoax, making the IDF seem to have murdered an Arab boy, al-Dura. (2) A French journalist, Charles Enderlin airs the film on France 2 TV. (3) Monsieur Philippe Karsenty investigates privately, confirms the hoax, and accuses Enderlin of fraud. (4) M. Enderlin sues M. Karsenty for slander. Karsenty wins the verdict, which is based on the truth of his accusation that the alleged murder is a hoax. (5) Canal + airs its own program, making accusations impugning the integrity of Karsenty. (6) Karsenty sues Canal + for slander, and wins. The court’s wording further confirms the hoax of the original photography. (7) The newspaper, L’Express, accuses Karsenty of being a hoaxer. (8) Karsenty fights back in court.

The court found that the newspaper wrongly accused Karsenty, and therefore was “slanderous.” However, the court did not award damages, because it felt that the falsity of the accusation was not deliberate. The ruling does show that the France 2 report was phony and that the Canal + documentary was defamatory and persuaded a reporter to repeat its defamation.

Karsenty cites these actions by the newspaper reporter to show animosity, rather than sincerity: (a) That reporter tried to prevent Karsenty from having a press release; and (b) He signed a petition accusing Karsenty of being a “revisionist.”

The court ruling will stand Karsenty in good stead, as the Canal + appeal is coming up for its court date (Philippe Karsenty, 7/5)

The original photographer showed only a small portion of his footage, and refused to let people see the rest. What he showed, however, was enough to see that : (1) The boy was out of the line of fire from the IDF, in combat with terrorists ; (2) No blood flowed from the boy ; (3) The boy moved after supposedly having been killed ; (4) No autopsy, no body, no evidence of anything.

The PLO has staged other phony attacks, as earlier reports documented. The PLO can count on the biased media to take accusations by jihadists against Israel seriously without investigating. The media does not acknowledge that part of the ideology that permits jihad, authorizes lying for it as well as murdering civilians for it.


Blogger Patsplace said...

It's interesting that so many groups and organizations support the very ideology that would eliminate them in a heartbeat were they given the opportunity for the total control that these people advocate.

Idiots, just plain useful idiots..and there's no shortage of them.

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