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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Fascist Greenpeace closes petrol stations....

Standard operating procedure for Greenpeace...
Protesters from environmental group Greenpeace disabled some of BP's 50 petrol stations in central London on Tuesday in protest at the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.

Greenpeace said its activists had managed to close down 47 service stations in the capital. BP confirmed 30 had been forced to close temporarily. The company branded the demonstrations an "act of vandalism" and said it would reopen the sites as soon as it was safe to do so.

The protests coincided with BP's second-quarter results where the oil company reported a $17 billion loss and said it had set aside $32 billion to tackle the spill.

Greenpeace and BP said activists stopped the flow of fuel by flipping safety switches on forecourts before removing them to prevent the service stations from reopening.

BP described the action as "an irresponsible and childish act" which interfered with safety systems.

"The action shows a total disregard for the safety of motorists and staff at the sites," a BP spokeswoman said.

She said one of the sites affected is used to supply ambulances with fuel.


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