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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Hamas and Hezbollah support President of Sudan...

Well, they are genocidal organizations....
5. Speaking at a ceremony naming a street after the shaheeds of the “Freedom Flotilla”, the Hamas de-facto administration chief Isma’il Haniyah said the following: “Even as the international community remains silent over real crimes and state-sponsored terrorism directed against the Palestinian people in Gaza and those who sympathize with them, [false] allegations are leveled against the Sudanese president, Omar al-Bashir”. He further expressed complete solidarity with the Sudanese president (Ma’an, July 14, 2010).

6. This is not the first time that Hamas has expressed sympathy with Al-Bashir. When the first arrest warrant was issued against him for crimes against humanity and war crimes, Hamas called on Arab countries and the world of Islam to stand up for Al-Bashir and Sudan against the “unfair attack on it”. Hamas declared “unequivocal solidarity” with the president, rejecting the “unfair allegations against him”. According to Hamas, those allegations serve a system of international justice that “reflects the interests of the US and ignores the doings of the true criminals”, i.e., Israel (, July 15, 2010).

The reaction of Hezbollah

7. On July 13, Hezbollah published the following announcement on its website (Al-Intiqad), expressing solidarity with the president of Sudan: “Hezbollah is hereby expressing complete solidarity with Sudan—with its president, its government, and its people—over the new allegations leveled against the president of Sudan, Omar al-Bashir, by the International Criminal Court. Those allegations are a new form of verdicts issued by international elements according to the whims of their superiors, with the purpose of furthering political objectives. Hezbollah condemns the silence of the international legal institutions over the ongoing and escalating Zionist crimes, a silence motivated by the instructions of arrogant countries. Yet those [international legal] institutions act in accordance with political interests in Sudan and in other countries to serve those ruling countries [i.e., the US and Western countries]. This makes those courts biased and unquestionably political” (Al-Intiqad, July 13, 2010).


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