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Sunday, July 04, 2010

An interview with Holland's Chief Rabbi...

Could you imagine a four year old taunting a Rabbi???
Dutch Chief Rabbi Benjamin Jacobs’ family has lived in Holland for generations. As a little boy, he recalls being almost embarrassed to be the only one of his friends to have both grandparents, a rare miracle indeed since 90 percent of Dutch Jewry was murdered by the Nazis.

“This horrifying statistic” he told an Israel National News’ interviewer, “was achieved with the full cooperation of the Dutch police who went from house to house to round up the Jews for the Nazi death machine.

“And last week”, he continued, “when I left my home located opposite a kindergarten, a four year old child pointed at me and yelled ‘Jew, Jew;”

Recently, when the rabbi presided at a memorial for Holocaust victims, Dutch youths yelled “Heil Hitler” during his speech. “Punshing them won’t keep them from doing it again,” he asserts.

INN conducted a phone interview with Rabbi Jacobs on Thursday night, after he declared that the Dutch police force’s plan to impersonate Jews in order to catch perpetrators of anti Semitic acts was punitive but not preventive. He posited that only education could prevent the growing evidence that anti-Semitism is on the rise once again in Holland.


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